Name: Sarah Thomson


Home Town: Newquay, Cornwall


Age: 28


D.O.B: 28/11/1992


Height: 5ft 5in


Weight: 69kg

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“I feel very fortunate to be able to know such an incredible person. From my background, within Sports Fitness, we study, teach and coach future and existing athletes how to grow and add attributes to improve performance to be the best they can be.

There are extremely few athletes who are born with these rare attributes but Sarah is an incredible athlete.

She's strong, determined and focused. Sarah has the desire and hunger to become and be the best. For many, these attributes are pushed upon athletes, but for Sarah it's 100% organic instincts.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah over the last 18 months and as a personal trainer I've been blown away by her level of commitment and positive attitude, not only towards training, but life. Her personality is infectious and beautiful with a laugh that can't help but make you smile.

Sarah is a role model to every aspiring athlete - especially to young women. If Sarah continues to strive and work hard there is no doubt that she will achieve her dreams.”

Michael Healy

Sports Coach

"I am a mum of two children who has tried and tried and tried to surf for many years. I have lost count of the hours and days I have failed to even get to my knees never mind stand up or experience the great feeling that comes from surfing. Too tall, clumsy and unathletic I had assumed. I recently spent a week near Hossegor with Sarah as my instructor and on day one I was up and riding the white waves! Talk about a revelation. By the end of the week I was up and turning, consistently too! I totally got the bug and am hooked and I put this largely down to Sarah's instruction. Sarah's opening briefing was very professional and structured (I have trained instructors for other activities for years, so I know a good one when I see one). She explained everything very clearly, she showed us what she meant and she made it fun and accessible. I have had oodles of surf instructors, all of whom have made it seem totally impossible to stand up on a surf board due to their rigid "rules", but Sarah listened and showed me a different approach to getting my long and leaden legs up the board and into a standing position. She paddled out in the waves with us, she taught us how to look for a set coming in, how to see where the currents were heading and how to try and avoid being wiped out in a shore dump. She had us laughing and trying again and again despite having half the Atlantic pouring out our nostrils from yet another failed attempt. And she cheered every time one of us caught a wave, making us feel very pleased with ourselves! She is so much fun, her enthusiasm and her passion for not only her sport, but for life in general is infectious. She is so natural and friendly with everyone, despite sometimes a huge age difference. I hope to have many more days in the water with Sarah in the years to come - I want her to see that her good work has not gone to waste and that this mummy is ready to shred!"

Catie Friend

Having successfully competed in a vast amount of sports, Sarah always knew that her life would revolve around a bursting event calender.


2011 saw Sarah take the trophy for the fastest U20 Female at the Bideford Half Marathon, in 2013, she won a gold medal in the European Martial Arts Championships, the beginning of 2014  saw a podium finish of third female at her first Ultra Marathon, and just three months on, at just 21, Sarah was the first female, youngest ever runner and new womans course record setter at her third ultra marathon in Wales.


Sarah spent 2014-15 focusing on her first year on the Women’s UK Pro Surfing Tour, finishing in the rankings in 9th position. Travel and work have made it impossible to compete on the tour since, but this is set to change with a return in 2019.

Following the younger years of training as a dancer, Sarah also gained an apprentice dancer position with Cornwall based contemporary company 'Freefall' and then went on to train and tour with International renown Jasmin Vardimon's apprentice company ' JV2', touring in 2014-15 and graduating in May 2015.


Taking miles to a new length, 2 years on at 23 years of age, Sarah set the Fastest Known Time for running  the 870mile Wales Coast Path, Solo and Self-supported, with 55lbs of kit, completing it in just 23.5 days and raising over £4000 for charity ShelterBox.

At 24, Sarah competed in the Spartan European Championships, at 26 took a podium finish in California taking a World Silver Medal at the Spartan Elite Ultra World Championships. Less than one week after the World Championships, saw a 1st place finish in one of the worlds toughest footraces, The Wadi Rum Ultra, a multistage desert ultra marathon. In 2019 , Sarah was invited to run across Malawi with Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes and help deliver projects with Charity 'Open Arms '.

As the focus shifted into competitive CrossFit events, Sarah qualified for the European Championships in 2019 and 2020 and looks to move up rankings in the CrossFit European Championships in 2021.

Having achieved so much already with a multitude of trophies and medals, Sarah has set her sights even higher, aiming to qualify for even more of the worlds toughest foot races and set new world records.

Having traveled and worked in Indonesia, Morocco, India, Ghana, Costa Rica, Egypt, Tunisia, Austria, Canada, the Canary Islands and rest of Europe extensively, travel has always taken center stage for Sarah. “…to combine travel, endurance racing, surfing and culture whilst supporting a good cause would be the dream" Sarah Thomson.


Following her success in outdoor sports coaching, endurance events and having graduated from FdSc Surf Science and Technology with a vast amount of ocean knowledge, Sarah joined the Bear Grylls Survival Academy as an instructor in September 2014.

As well as instructing on courses in remote Scotland and England, Sarah has also been on camera presenting on two successful BAFTA winning series of 'Bear Grylls Survival School' aired on ITV and CITV.

Thomson become well known in 2017 for a second place finish in BBC2's 'Ultimate Hell Week'. Following the show, she joined the Royal Air Force, where she worked as a Physical Training Instructor at Cpl rank. Upon leaving the service in AUG 2020, she is now back to four years of study to retrain in an exciting new career.

'She embodies the adventure spirit so much - courage, determination, humility & positivity. An inspiration to us all." Bear Grylls

“It’s difficult not to be inspired when you’re around Sarah – she has a passion for life that is contagious.” Darren Cox


“She’s the only person I know who can kill two stones with one bird!” Benn Berkeley